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Sexy room ideas and sexy color schemesSeven Steps to a Sexy Room

part 4: your personal sexy color palette

So, here's the good news. You already know your sexiest interior design color. You may not quite recognize it yet, but you do know it. So let's dig into your psyche and find it.


Now that you have a good handle on pure color (the primary, secondary and tertiary colors of the rainbow), tints, and shades, you're ready to find your sexiest color. The following exercise will allow you to create an interior decorating color scheme based on the color that resonates most deeply with you. And, yep, we're back to our interior design color wheel.

The color wheel helps define sexy color palettes
Hello again, color wheel. In case you don't recall the basics from part three, primary, secondary and tertiary colors are outlined in white (the colors of the rainbow). Shades are the two outermost rings of colors. Tints are the two innermost rings.

Let's design your room's sexy color palette:

  1. Choose your favorite pure color on our color wheel (the colors outlined in white).
  2. Step up to one of the two shades (the outermost two rings) from your favorite pure color.
  3. How does that shade feel? If you could step into that color and roll around naked, would it do it for you? Yes, this does require a vivid imagination, but listen to your gut. It never lies.
  4. Does it feel too dark? If so, step down to the mid-range tint (the second innermost circle, located between your favorite pure color and the innermost ring).
  5. Imagine this mid-range tint against white and black or a deep ebony brown. Feel better?
  6. Still a little too dark? Step down from your favorite pure color to the lightest tint (the innermost ring) and imagine it surrounded by white. Feeling fresh and frisky?

Great. You've now selected either a shade or tint of your favorite pure color as your new sexy color. This will serve as the base for your sexy interior design color scheme. Refer to part three of this series to reacquaint yourself with the sexy properties of shades and tints.

Now let's put together a basic analogous interior color palette. In the world of color, analogous means colors that are side-by-side on the color wheel.

Look at your new sexy color on our interior decorating color wheel above. Now, pick any three or four colors (tints or shades, depending on what you've selected as your sexy color) that are side-by-side and that include your sexy color. You've now created your analogous color palette. Analogous color palettes create gorgeous sexy spaces. A great example of an analogous color palette can be found on the concept board in Room Design Online™'s Virtual Room Planner™ Portfolio on our home page.

Love your sexy color so much that you can't bear to share? Consider a monochromatic color palette. A monochromatic color palette uses the tints, shades and hues associated with your sexy color at various levels of intensity. In essence, you would select the slice of pie of our color wheel that includes your sexy color. Then if you want to add a bit of pop, use your sexy color's complementary color for accessories or a small piece of furniture. Your sexy color's complementary color is located directly across the color wheel. For example, the complementary color of blue is orange. The complementary shade of forest green is burgundy. The complementary tint of lavender is mint green.

Ready to experience more sexy room design ideas? How about simultaneous sexiness? In part five, we pull it all together with our final step.

Seven Steps To A Sexy Room - Part 5: Pulling Together Your Sexy Interior Design Ideas

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