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Sexy color palettes for sexy room ideasSeven Steps to a Sexy Room

part 3: sexy colors for sexy room ideas

One of the biggest secrets about sexy room ideas is color. But the truth is, for most of us, designing interior color palettes can be tough. Compounding it by choosing sexy color? Frighteningly scary.

Face it. Everywhere you turn for bedroom design ideas or living room decorating ideas, there are rules about color. The key is in understanding how interior design color schemes are created, and then creating rules of your own. The color combinations that make you feel your sensual best are not likely the same ones that do it for your neighbor. So go for it. Find out what makes your parts hum.


Let's start with our trusty interior design color wheel; the first step towards making your own sexy color scheme. Stay with me here because we're going back to basics. All colors in the wheel stem from what are called the primary colors (red, green, blue), the secondary colors (orange, green, violet) and tertiary colors (red-orange, yellow-orange, yellow-green, blue-green, blue-violet, red-violet).

In the color wheel below, these 12 colors, also recognized as pure hues or pure colors, are outlined in white. If we want to get really nit-picky, we could further combine those 12 colors into 24 (for instance, yellow-yellow green or blue-blue violet). For practical purposes, just know that in-between each pure color lies many other degrees of pure colors. For simplicity, let's stick with the big 12.

Sexy interior design color combinations begin with the color wheel
Yep, it's the ever-lovin' infamous color wheel. Primary, Secondary and Tertiary colors are outlined in white (the colors of the rainbow). Shades are the two outermost rings of colors. Tints are the two innermost rings.

When you mix a touch of black or dark grey into these pure colors, it creates what's called a shade. The shades in our interior decorating color wheel are the two outermost rings of color. As you can see, a shade is a darker, smokier color. They stand on their own with names like Midnight Blue and Burgundy. Right now, the very deepest shades, ranging all the way to black, are the "it" colors for walls. Shades are very sexy.

Likewise, when you mix a bit of white or light grey into the pure colors, it creates what's called a tint. The tints in our color wheel are the two innermost rings of color. The lightest white tints, commonly called pastels, are located at the innermost ring of our color wheel and tend to feel fresh and romantic. They don't create an overtly sexy color palette on their own, but when played the right way against white, or accented with a shade, they become sexy. It's kind of like the girl next door wearing nothing but deeply colored stilettos and pearls.

Mid-range tints (created by mixing pure color with light grey) can create the sexiest and most versatile home decorating color palettes. They're located in the second innermost ring of our color wheel. These tints have beautiful depth. They can create a sensual, rich, sexy feeling by using them in contrast with exotic woods, black lacquer, natural metals or plush white upholstery.

Mid-tone tints are the backbone of our favorite sexy color palettes at Room Design Online™. We approach the color palettes for our sexy room design with a yin-yang sensibility, playing black against white and then pulling it together in a cool color scheme. A great example of this is our Studio L Signature palette, which we've also used in the Virtual Room Planner™ Portfolio featured throughout our site.

Ready to discover your own sexiest color? Sexy Room Step Six continues in the fourth article of our Sexy Room series.

Seven Steps To A Sexy Room - Part 4: Your Personal Sexy Color Palette

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