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how to sketch your floor plan

This is really easy, so don't freak yourself out.

Here's the most important thing to remember: Don't worry about drawing perfect straight lines or whether your proportions are correct. Our examples look very neat and tidy because they are purely for illustration to help you fully understand what you need to do. Your sketch will be hand-drawn with squiggly wiggly lines. As long as we can read it, that's all that counts!


Imagine you're floating above your room, looking down. Now draw the shape of your room's footprint on a sheet of paper, as in the example below. Most rooms are square, but we've used a room with a diagonal wall for illustration. If your room opens into another room or a hallway, leave that part of your drawing open:

How to sketch your floor plan - Step 1


Put windows and doors into your drawing. Indicate windows with a rectangle. For doors, draw a thick line (as if the door is standing open) with a curved arrow to show in which direction it closes. If the door opens into your room, make sure you draw it that way on your sketch:

How to sketch your floor plan - Step 2


Next, draw in anything that's affixed to the structure of your home such as a fireplace, hearth, bookcases or cabinets:

How to sketch your floor plan - Step 3


To complete your drawing, give everything a label.

How to sketch your floor plan - Step 4

You're now ready to take your room's measurements.

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